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Welcome! Step into my sanctuary and experience the transformative power of holistic healing. I’m here to empower you on your journey of self-discovery and healing.
Together, let’s cultivate balance, harmony, and radiant well-being in mind, body, and spirit. Your journey towards holistic wellness starts here – welcome to a place where healing begins from within.

Why Choose Me?

As the world faces evolution, your health has never been more essential. Get access to the premier wellness services, streamed directly for your body and mind.

Consult professionals

All the mentors we offer have been qualified and experienced in this field for years. You can be rest assured about the authenticity of our organisation.

Myriad ways of therapy

We have several programmes which can be tailored according to your preferences. You will have a considerable number of options to choose from.

Guaranteed benefits

Our therapies show great results from the first session itself. It only gets better! We promise you.

Top-notch services

We strive to provide you with the best services out there! You will love it!

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YMCA Fanwood/
Scotch Plains, NJ
at 5:30 pm
Live on Facebook
at 8:00 pm
South Ave, Garwood,
NJ at 5:30 pm
Live on Instagram
at 8:30 pm
Live on Zoom
at 8:00 am
Children on Zoom
(15 min) at 7:30 pm
MondaysYMCA Fanwood/
Scotch Plains,NJ
at 5:30 pm
TuesdaysLive on Facebook
at 8:00 pm
WednesdaysSouth Ave,
NJ at 5:30 pm
Children on
(15 min)
at 7:30 pm
FridaysLive on
at 8:30 pm
SaturdaysLive on Zoom
at 8:00 am

For Individual Meditation Classes & Reiki Sessions Click the button below.

All classes are guided by Blase Sylvester, Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor, and Reiki Master Certified Teacher.  Blase has been practicing meditation for over 15 years, has taught over 700 meditation classes internationally, and served over 25,000 individuals. 

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Personal Mantra
Reiki Sessions
Distance Reiki
Sound Healing



Reiki Level 1 & 2
Reiki Master

Introduction to Meditation.


5-Day Meditation Challenge

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About us

Step on a Healthy Trail of Life

We want to help you understand every inch of your body, breath, and brain. Help us help you achieve your health goals the right way. The perfect life lies in a flourishing and fit lifestyle. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to come to you, walk yourself to it instead!


Begin your journey of inner peace to experience the stillness that is within you with primordial sound meditation. Utilize the power of love and kindness meditation to discover boundless love and affection around you.

Group Classes

Use breathing pattern to unchain yourself from limiting beliefs, past trauma, and unhealthy habits. Through the breath, spark creativity, find contentment and joy. Make yourself ready for life of abundance!


Utilize energy healing technique to embark the journey of natural healing. Restore your physical and emotional well-being. Compliment it with breathwork to unlock the power of self-healing.

Meditation Classes

Children's Meditation Zoom Classes

Welcome to our children’s Meditation classes, a safe and nurturing space where children can come together in a supportive space to learn and strengthen their meditation practice.

Zoom Saturday Morning Meditation Session

Welcome to 30 minutes of Group Meditation – a peaceful and rejuvenating experience you can share with others. During the session, we will practice mindfulness.

In-Person Group Meditation Session $20.00 per Person

This class is held every Wednesday at 5:30 pm. every month! 30 minutes of Group Meditation – a peaceful and rejuvenating experience you can share with others.


Meet With Expert

Practice meditation with the best

Discover happiness, creativity, and possibilities through guided meditation

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